Custom Drapery Installation in South Riding

The challenge of this project was to attach swag and jabot style treatments on three different levels of a large, arched, multiple angle window with minimal blockage to the lower windows and sufficient sun blockage of the top arched window.

Neither the designer or client wanted to use full width rods or boards on the lower left and right windows.  The swag was to be left open in the center so a full width board was out of the question and rods would be more ornate than wanted and would project farther off the trim than desired.  The solution was to cut small boards and notch/fit them to the contour of the trim for a nice tight attachment to the window.  Four small boards, two on the left window and two on the right window were fit to the window trim, allowing sufficient space for attachment with Velcro and staples. Cardboard forms were produced on site and used to fabricate the wooden attachment points back in the shop.  Just the same, boards were cut to fit the window trim for the attachment points of the swaged treatment of the large arched window and the accompanying jabots.  As can be seen in the picture, a decorative iron rod was used for the attachment of the swaged treatment above the arch.

There are many solutions to windows like these.  The only limits are the designer’s imagination.