Plantation Shutters in Fairfax, Virginia

Breakfast Room, Living Room and French Door Shutters

The client wanted to add plantation shutters to their breakfast room and family room window’s and French doors. 

With little space between the window and window trim the shutters were mounted on a 2″ “L” frame that was mounted directly to the trim, allowing ample room for the movement of the shutter louvers. With multiple colors, and especially shades of white, to choose from the frame and shutters were perfectly matched to their existing trim color. By mounting directly to the trim we were able to use the trim to maximize the esthetic value of the overall project by blending the shutter “L” frame directly into the existing window.

See photos:

  • Note how the “L” frame blends perfectly with the existing window trim.
  • Note the simplicity and stylishness of the French door cutout.